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Three Men and a Body: Media in the Age of the Strongman
The blaming of attempted bombings of prominent democratic leaders and opponents of President Trump on a vindictive press by him at a public rally casts a dark shadow over a bleak landscape where once the freedom of the press was a corner stone of our (More)
The Opioid Crisis Response Act: Looking Ahead, Ignoring the Present
On September 17, 2018, the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly (99-1) in support of the Opioid Crisis Response Act (OCRA) of 2018. OCRA proposes a series of measures addressing the devastating, long-term impacts of opioid addiction and abuse nationally. (More)
The House We Built: How the United States Walked Away from Decades of Accountability
As the world turns inward, nationalistic perspectives are on the rise. It feels like 1930, where the international order laid out in the Versailles Treaty, was about to be turned upside down. Today, something terrible is lurking around the corner, si (More)
Statutory Caps and Recent Judicial Intervention May Bring Sky High Verdicts Back to the Ground
In some personal injury cases, juries award considerable sums for compensation. This often occurs when the plaintiff suffers serious and painful injuries, and the jury decides to award a significant amount of non-economic injuries. If the defendant’s (More)
Regulation of Virtual Currencies and Initial Coin Offerings in the Philippines
A recent Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) Advisory reiterated its message to those conducting Initial Coin Offerings (“ICO”) of security tokens within the country: register your security tokens or be prepared to face penalties. (More)
Judge Kavanaugh and the Public’s Health: Existing & Emerging Challenges
President Donald Trump’s recent nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh as Associate Justice to the U.S. Supreme Court from a list of potential candidates has ignited immediate support and criticism from conservatives and liberals respectively. An (More)
"A Complete Corruption in Morality": U.S. Family Separation and the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement
To separate kids from their parents is an act that is so deplorable and so inhumane, it speaks to a complete corruption in morality of this administration. . . - Jagmeet Singh, Canada's New Democratic Party Leader The US is violating its own huma (More)
Carpenter and the Future of the Surveillance State
Our phones are constantly searching for the greatest connection, updating our location, and often connect to multiple cell towers on any given day, divulging our whereabouts to service providers with relative ease. In recent years, the accuracy of th (More)
Immigrants Need Not Apply
Despite the fact congress seems uncomfortable with funding President Trump’s wall on the southern border, the administration has constructed a legal wall against asylum seekers. First, there was the announcement of the ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy of c (More)
Kennedy's Retirement: Despair Not, Go Out and Organize
The retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy this week represents the end of an era and the beginning of the entrenchment of a more conservative Supreme Court, probably for years to come. That much seems clear. But there are actually many more sides to (More)
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