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Higher Education Is a Human Right
JURIST Guest Columnist Heidi Gilchrist of Brooklyn Law School discusses the fundamentality of higher education... As high school seniors across the country make their college decisions right now, I would like to raise awareness for higher education (More)
Disbarment, Suspension and Harassment: Outcast Lawyers in China
JURIST Guest Columnist Patrick Poon, a China researcher at Amnesty International, discusses the tactics used by Chinese authorities to keep lawyers from changing the political and social environment... When Sui Muqing became a lawyer in 1993, he c (More)
Do Intellectual Property Rights Extend to Graffiti Art?: The 5Pointz Case
JURIST Guest Columnist Uché Ewelukwa Ofodile of University of Arkansas School of Law discusses intellectual property rights of graffiti artists given the changing dynamics in the legal landscape and concepts of nontraditional art... Introduction I (More)
Shifting Legal Paradigms in the Regulation of Medical Marijuana
JURIST Guest Columnists James G. Hodge, Jr., Jennifer Piatt, Sarah Wetter, and Alexandra Hess of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University discuss the recent reversal of long-standing guidance from the Obama Administration on f (More)
Medicaid Waivers, Work Requirements, and Administrative Discretion
JURIST Guest Columnist Wendy K. Mariner of Boston University School of Law discusses the Trump Administration's recent issued guidance that will allow states to include employment as a requirement for Medicaid enrollment... On January 11, 2018, the (More)
Misunderstanding Indigenous Legal Values in South Sudan
JURIST Guest Columnist Chris Jones-Pauly discusses the misunderstandings regarding the indigenous laws of South Sudan in the context of transitional justice. In December 2013 South Sudan exploded into civil war, three years after the South's secessi (More)
Black Holes in the Proposed UK Space Legislation
JURIST Guest Columnist Julia Selman Ayetey of McGill University discusses the UK Space Industry Bill... The global space market was valued at $329 billion in 2016 and private sub-orbital flights and launches of small satellites alone are anticipate (More)
The Future of Europe: Is Europe really moving forward to Federalism?
JURIST Guest Columnist Sedef Asli Topal of The University of Szeged, Hungary discusses the affairs of the European Union ... The European Union surely cannot be simply identified as an international organization. It holds both parti (More)
New Technology Offers Pretrial Release for Indigent Accused
JURIST Guest Columnist Leigha A. Weiss, a 3L at St. John's School of Law, discusses new technology that could help with pretrial release of the indigent defendant ... Johnathon Sacks, a renowned British Rabbi, philosopher and scholar, said: "tech (More)
What's up, DACA? (Legally, at least...)
JURIST Guest Columnist Glenn C. Smith of the California Western School of Law discusses the legal issues surrounding DACA... In explaining why President Trump was rescinding his predecessor's DACA ("Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals") program & (More)