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Windsor: Just the Beginning of the Supreme Court's Involvement in Same-Sex Marriage
JURIST Guest Columnist Theodore Seto of the Loyola Law School of Los Angeles says the US Supreme Court's decision in US v. Windsor will not be its last concerning same-sex marriage, due to its repercussions on federal and state law interplay... (More)
New Jersey judge denies state's motion to halt same-sex marriages
A New Jersey judge on Thursday denied the state's motion to stay her September 27 order to begin permitting same-sex couples to enter civil marriages on October 21. On October 1 the state requested that the court stay its order until the "ultimat (More)
Detainee Legal Status
On October 7, 2001, following the beginning of the War on Terror, the US military began detaining hundreds of suspected terrorists. Many of those captured were designated "enemy combatants" — a label coined by the administration of President Ge (More)
Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage
While DOMA has effectively blocked the implementation of same-sex marriage at the federal level, there have been several states that have taken independent legislative and judicial action regarding same-sex marriage. The laws passed at the state leve (More)
New Jersey court reverses partial dismissal of same-sex marriage suit
The New Jersey Superior Court on Tuesday reinstated one count of a marriage equality lawsuit [complaint text, PDF; case materials] against the state's civil union system, reversing the court's own decision to dismiss the count on a motion by the s (More)
NJ court rules same-sex marriage suit can proceed on state grounds
The New Jersey Superior Court Friday ruled that a marriage equality lawsuit [complaint text, PDF; case materials] can continue, partially denying a motion to dismiss filed by the New Jersey Attorney General . Lambda Legal filed the lawsuit in Jun (More)
Gay rights groups sue New Jersey for right to marry
Gay rights groups Lambda Legal and Garden State Equality filed a lawsuit [complaint text, PDF; case materials] on Wednesday to force the state of New Jersey to recognize and legalize same-sex marriage as opposed to its current Civil Unions Law . Th (More)