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Hungary lawmakers repeal powers granted to prime minister to fight COVID-19
Hungary's Parliament voted unanimously Tuesday to repeal powers granted to Prime Minister Viktor Orban to fight COVID-19.Parliament passed a law on March 30 that granted Orban the power to rule by decree. This power was granted to fight COVID-19, (More)
EU announces economic deal in response to COVID-19 pandemic
EU finance ministers announced an agreement Thursday to alleviate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan is intended as a safety net for EU member states, companies and citizens.The Ministers of Finance agreed that the impact of C (More)
Some EU countries agree to take in child migrants in Greece
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced Monday that France, Portugal, Luxembourg, Finland and Germany will take in minor migrants that are currently in Greece, where refugee camps are "already over the limit".Von der Leyen no (More)
UN committee finds Finland court decision violated Sámi people's human rights
The UN Human Rights Committee two decisions Friday finding Finland violated the political rights of representatives to the Sámi parliament by improperly enlarging the electoral roll of eligible candidates.The two claims were submitted separately (More)
Victims decry proposed changes to Nepal war crimes commissions law
Activists and victims of war crimes in Nepal have urged the government to not proceed with proposed amendments to a law that governs the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons (CIEDP) and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission ( (More)
Finland parliament adds exception to constitutional right to privacy
The Parliament of Finland  on Wednesday voted 178-13 to add an amendment to the constitution  providing an exception to the right to privacy, providing the government with more ability to combat terrorism and foreign government spying.The amendm (More)
Germany high court rejects request to rearrest former Catalan leader
The First Criminal Senate of Germany's Schleswig-Holstein Higher Regional Court on Tuesday rejected the Attorney General's request to rearrest former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, saying the risk of Puigdemont absconding are slight.The Neum (More)
Germany court refuses extradition of former Catalan leader on rebellion charge
A German court on Thursday rejected an extradition request for former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont on the charge of rebellion for his role during Catalonia's independence movement.Puigdemont had declared Catalonia's independence from Spai (More)
Germany court detains exiled Catalonia president pending extradition proceedings
The Neumünster District Court (Amtsgericht Neumünster) ruled Monday to detain exiled Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont , pending a decision by the Higher Regional Court.Puigdemont had declared Catalonia's independence from Spain in October and (More)
Australia votes to legalize same-sex marriage in non-binding postal survey
The Australian Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday announced the results of a national postal survey on Australia's marriage law in which voters voted that Australia's marriage law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry.The "yes" vot (More)
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