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WHO: Ebola outbreak in DRC still a public health emergency
The World Health Organization (WHO) declared Wednesday that the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is still a global public health concern. The WHO revised its normal risk assessment protocols and specified this risk as high a (More)
Amnesty urges Africa mining conference to address rights violations
Amnesty International on Monday urged participants in a mining conference in South Africa to address human rights violations. African Mining Indaba, a conference centered on promoting the furtherance of the mining industry in Africa, is set to run (More)
Congolese families file suit against US tech companies over cobalt mining
Families of young children from the Democratic Republic of Congo who have been injured or killed while mining cobalt launched a lawsuit against Apple, Google, Tesla, Dell and Microsoft on Sunday. Cobalt is used in batteries for the electronic devi (More)
Congo court sentences warlord to life for crimes against humanity
A military court in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) sentenced Frederic Masudi Alimasi to life in prison on Tuesday after a two-month trial. Alimasi, also known as Kokodikoko, is head of the Raia Mutomboki, one of the most powerful militia g (More)
Congo rebel leader convicted of war crimes
The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Monday convicted Bosco Ntaganda, a notorious Congolese rebel commander known as "The Terminator," of 18 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity. These crimes were committed in Ituri, Democratic R (More)
US issues sanctions against three DRC officials
The US Department of the Treasury sanctioned three senior officials from the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Thursday.  The sanctions were permitted by an executive order signed by former president George W. Bush that authorizes sanctions on " (More)
UN report: DRC violence may amount to crimes against humanity
A new UN report was released Monday detailing violent ethnic attacks in December 2018 leading to hundreds of deaths and displacements in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A UN special investigative mission was sent to the Yumbi territory after (More)
Former DRC vice president demands €68 million in reparations for imprisonment
Lawyers representing former Democratic Republic of Congo vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba filed a claim with the International Criminal Court (ICC) Monday seeking more than €68 million (USD $76.5 million) in compensatory damages for a 10-year prison (More)
Federal judge expands class action definition in lawsuit against ICE over border separations
A federal judge granted a motion on Friday to expand the class definition in a class action lawsuit against the Immigration and Custom Enforcement agency. In the original complaint, the plaintiff, Ms. L, sought to reunite with her seven-year-old d (More)
DRC police accused of forced disappearances and killings
Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Thursday accused security forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo of carrying out forced disappearances and killings of 34 young men and boys between May and September 2018. There are reports of 11 additional cases, but (More)
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