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Release the Cleared Guantanamo Detainees to End the Hunger Strike
JURIST Guest Columnist David Frakt of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law says that the Obama administration should release those detainees held at Guantanamo Bay who have already been declared to not be a danger to the US... (More)
The Criminology of Firearms
JURIST Guest Columnist Don Kates of The Independent Institute says that empirical evidence has shown that gun bans are not only ineffective at reducing violent crime, but may even be counterproductive... (More)
Assault Weapons Ban: Constitutional Parameters of Gun Control
JURIST Guest Columnist Nicholas Johnson of the Fordham University School of Law says that the US Supreme Courts' potential handling of proposed assault weapons ban legislation is uncertain because of an increasingly popular two-step analysis that is (More)
What's Left for Campaign Finance Reform?
JURIST Guest Columnist Steven D. Schwinn of the John Marshall Law School in Chicago says that, despite recent Supreme Court campaign finance decisions, the First Amendment still leaves opportunity for reform via creative public finance systems, tight (More)
Islamic Law, Adoptions and Kafalah
JURIST Guest Columnist Faisal Kutty of the Valparaiso University School of Law says that there is hope for compromise between Western legal systems and Islamic law regarding the adoption of children from Islamic countries... (More)
The Boy Scouts and Conflict of Laws Doctrines
JURIST Guest Columnist Kenneth S. Gallant of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law says that the incidences of documented and alleged child abuse by scoutmasters in the Boy Scouts of America provide a vivid illustra (More)
Member of the House of Representatives and Vice President of the US: Can Paul Ryan Hold Both Positions at the Same Time?
JURIST Guest Columnist Seth Barrett Tillman of the National University of Ireland Maynooth Department of Law argues that if the US Constitution is ambiguous regarding whether it is possible to serve both as a congressman and vice president, then Paul (More)
Prosecuting the Dead: Part III
JURIST Contributing Editor David Crane of Syracuse University College of Law says the actions of Vladimir Putin's regime against the life and legacy of deceased Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky threaten international progress in basic human rights and (More)
Marriage and Grassroots Democracy in 2012
JURIST Guest Columnist Lynne Marie Kohm of Regent University School of Law says that the November 2012 elections will involve historic referendums in several states on legislation related to same-sex marriage... (More)
Seeking Justice for Liberia: Reflections of a Prosecutor
JURIST Contributing Editor David Crane of Syracuse University College of Law says that the conviction and sentencing of former Liberian president Charles Taylor by the Special Court for Sierra Leone should not keep justice from being sought against h (More)