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Supreme Court set to hear case over trademark registration
The US Supreme Court granted certiorari on Friday in case over trademark registration. The Solicitor General petitioned in July for the Supreme Court to hear the case. The case involves the travel website,, which attempted (More)
Appeals court finds police owe nothing for destroying man's home
The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday that the Greenwood Village Police Department acted lawfully when they destroyed Leo Lech's home. The police pursued a suspected criminal, Robert Seacat, to Lech's house, where they entered into a 19 (More)
After Mueller: A High Crimes and Misdemeanors (But Not Necessarily an Impeachment) Investigation
In the wake of Special Counsel Mueller’s largely uneventful testimony Wednesday, no-one can envy House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment dilemma. Presented with ample evidence of offenses justifying President Trump’s removal (the appalling violation (More)
EU policy experts recommending limiting AI surveillance
The European Commission's High-Level Expert Group on AI (AI HLEG) on Wednesday released a second report about artificial intelligence (AI) development and deployment, specifically aimed at "maximising [] benefits whilst minimising and preventing [] r (More)
On “No-No Boy,” Penguin is Right
When John Okada wrote “No-No Boy” in 1957, no one cared. An obscure novel published by a Japanese press, it told the story of a Japanese-American man who chose to resist the draft and go to prison, rather than fight for a country that had forced his (More)
Supreme Court to take up state law copyright and health care cases
The US Supreme Court on Monday granted certiorari in eight cases, taking on such as issues as whether states can copyright their laws and whether insurers are entitled to Affordable Care Act (ACA) money for "risk corridor" payments. In Georgia v. (More)
US Supreme Court allows Virginia Uranium mining ban to stand
On Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States decided that the Atomic Energy Act (AEA) does not preempt Virginia Law from prohibiting the mining of Uranium. The Supreme Court, in a 6-to-3 plurality judgment, sided with the State of Virginia's rig (More)
Iowa Supreme Court of rules Dakota Access Pipeline valid use of eminent domain
The Supreme Court of Iowa ruled Friday that the Dakota Access Pipeline is a valid use of eminent domain in the state of Iowa. The Dakota Access Pipeline is set to be one of the largest oil pipelines in North America, running from North Dakota thro (More)
Russia lower house votes for stronger government control of the internet
The State Duma, the lower house of parliament in Russia, approved a bill Tuesday aimed at tightening government control of the internet in the country. The bill, which sponsors said is aimed at securing "reliable" access to the World Wide Web inde (More)
The Black Box of Bail Algorithms: One Sensible Solution
Much needed legislation, which reins-in use of algorithms to determine who stays in jail pending trial and who gets out, recently passed in the Idaho legislature. House Bill 118, sponsored by Representative Greg Chaney (R-Caldwell), is first-of-its-k (More)
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