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COP26 climate change summit postponed amid COVID-19 pandemic
The UN climate change conference (COP) that was set to take place in Glasgow, Scotland, in November has been postponed to 2021. The decision was announced in a press release on Wednesday night by the COP Bureau of the UN Framework Convention on Clima (More)
Chile postpones referendum on new constitution amid coronavirus concerns
Lawmakers in Chile on Thursday agreed to postpone a nationwide referendum on a new constitution amid concerns about the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.President Sebastian Pinera signed a law last December scheduling a national referendum on a (More)
Vatican to send sex abuse investigators to Mexico City
The Mexican Episcopal Conference announced Tuesday that the Vatican has agreed to send sex abuse investigators to Mexico City at its request. The investigators, Charles Scicluna, archbishop of Malta and deputy secretary for the Congregation for the D (More)
Chile environmental court rules against SQM mining corporation
On Thursday Chile's Environmental Court ruled in favor of indigenous complaints that had been brought against SQM. SQM is the world's second-largest miner of lithium. They had planned for expansion but the expansion plans caused questions about Chile (More)
Chile to vote on new constitution next year
Chile's President Sebastian Pinera signed a law on Monday allowing a referendum on a new constitution for the country. The law was passed by the Chilean congress last week following more than two months of violent protests. The vote is scheduled for (More)
2019 UN climate change conference begins in Madrid
The 2019 UN climate change conference began Monday in Madrid, with leaders looking for solutions to reduce global carbon levels. Leaders originally planned for the conference to be held in Chile, but due to political instability, the conference was m (More)
Chile announces referendum to form new constitution
Chilean President Sebastián Piñera announced on Friday that Chile will hold a referendum on how to change the constitution. The referendum comes as a result of the protests that have been going on for weeks over the raised subway fare.Citizens wi (More)
Chile declares state of emergency amid nationwide protests
Chilean President Sebastián Piñera declared a state of emergency Friday amid nationwide protests.The protests began over a hike in subway prices, which has been defended by the president as a natural reaction to the rise of the dollar. The presi (More)
Chile law removes statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases
Chilean President Sebastián Piñera signed a bill into law on Thursday that will lift the statute of limitations on sex abuse cases involving minors.Originally introduced in 2010, the bill was reintroduced at Piñera's urging after a surge in repor (More)
Rome court sentences 24 South Americans to life for involvement in Operation Condor
An appeals court in Rome sentenced 24 people to life in prison on Monday, including senior officials in Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina's military dictatorships.The officials were found to have been involved in the US-bac (More)
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