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The Abject Failure of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners
The Florida Board of Bar Examiners (FBBE) is out of time. Applicants are out of energy. And everybody is out of patience. To be sure, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted all aspects of life for people around the globe, including the legal com (More)
The NCBE is a Joke, Give “Judge Judy” the Boot
The global pandemic brought out the best in many people. Every day, healthcare workers risk their lives to save others. Working people risk illness so others can shop at home. And regular people help their neighbors in need.Unfortunately, not eve (More)
US appeals court reverses $479M award to states in Affordable Care Act refund suit
The US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned a decision that would have required the federal government to return more than $479 million to six states that argued that the federal government had illegally collected a fee from them under the A (More)
Turn the Pandemic Bar Exam Battle into a Passion for Reform
The three-year journey has ended. Clearing one more hurdle, you would join your chosen profession. But as you approached the hurdle, becoming a lawyer resembled joining a craft guild. Bar admission committees seemed intent on elevating custom over co (More)
Romania passes law preventing COVID-19 patients from leaving hospitals
Romania's Parliament passed a law Tuesday that will prevent COVID-19 patients from leaving hospitals.From February through June, Romania's government used cabinet decrees to hospitalize those who were infected and to quarantine or home-isolate th (More)
The Life of a Disabled Bar Examinee
Editor's Note: This article has been updated at the author's request to reflect that the University of Miami School of Law Dean referenced is Dean Janet Stearns and that other students have come forward with similar experiences with her. I woke up o (More)
Diploma Privilege and a Lament for the Lawyers
Where are the law and the lawyer? Where is this profession going? I’m a rising 3L. I have one more year left of law school. And yet I am witnessing something that is both completely unexpected and a story that has been told over and over for ages. (More)
The New Trump Policy Aimed at Foreign Students Violates Us All
The Trump Administration announced that foreign students would have to take in-person classes or lose their status and risk deportation. The only reason to do this is to pressure universities to hold in-person classes in the fall. How do we know? Bec (More)
The Twice-Rescheduled and Newly Reformatted Pennsylvania Bar Exam Presents an Unfair and Unequal Moving Target
On Wednesday, July 9, 2020, the Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners (PABOLE) notified me and the other 1,200 applicants preparing for the Pennsylvania Bar Exam that for the second time in just seventy days, they would be altering the test that will d (More)
The Diploma Privilege Manifesto
A spectre is haunting the American legal profession – the spectre of diploma privilege.Facing the psychological and physical trauma of COVID-19, and buoyed by growing calls for diversity and equity in the wake of centuries of racial and social in (More)
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