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Has the Supreme Court Finally Become a Major Issue in a Presidential Election?
The U.S. Supreme Court has emerged as a significant election issue for the first time in more than fifty years. The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett has riveted the nation’s attention on the Court in a way (More)
Judicial Stereotyping in India and the Need to Combat Institutional Gender Bias
On 22nd June 2020, the Indian High Court of the State of Karnataka while granting anticipatory bail to a person accused of rape, observed that it is “unbecoming of an Indian woman” to “fall asleep” after rape and that it is not the way “our women(Ind (More)
Michigan prohibits open carry of firearms for election day activites
Michigan announced new restrictions Friday prohibiting the open carry of firearms for election day activities. The policy prohibits the open carrying of firearms on election day in polling places, clerk offices, and absent voter counting boards. The (More)
China passes new law protecting minors from abuse and cyberbullying
The Standing Committee of China's 13th National People's Congress passed a newly revised Law on the Protection of Minors at its 22nd session on Saturday.The Law on the Protection of Minors increases the responsibility of guardians and parents tow (More)
EU, UK sanction Russia over Navalny poisoning
The European Union and the United Kingdom announced the imposition of sanctions against several Russian officials Thursday, citing their use of chemical weapons against Alexei Navalny, a prominent critic of the Kremlin.Included in the sanctions a (More)
Human Rights Watch condemns Syria-Russia attacks in Idlib as crimes against humanity
Human Rights Watch (HRW) condemned Syria and Russia in a report Thursday for launching at least 46 deadly attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure in Idlib. The report reveals that the Syrian-Russian offensive targeted hospitals, schools, mar (More)
Federal judge allows North Carolina to count absentee ballots postmarked through November 12
A judge for the US District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina issued an opinion on Wednesday denying preliminary injunctions in two cases, both of which sought to prevent the enforcement of memos released by the North Carolina State Boa (More)
From Jailhouse to Firehouse: California’s AB2147 Pros And Cons for Inmate Firefighters
This year, California suffered its most destructive fire season ever. Over four million acres burned, but the fight to contain the flames is far from over. To meet the extraordinary demand for firefighters, California tapped into its largest pool of (More)
Speaker Pelosi Is Second in Line for the Presidency: Claims to the Contrary Are Weak and Dangerous
Is Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, properly and constitutionally second in line for the presidency? The question has urgent new relevance in light of President Donald Trump becoming sick with Coronavirus and the spread of CO (More)
Senate Judiciary Committee hears witness testimony on final day of Barrett confirmation hearing
The US Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony Thursday from outside witnesses on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. The final day started with a battle between parties. Senate Republicans pushed to have Barrett's vote for no (More)