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Impact of Divisive Politics on Kashmir
I believe in Amartya Sen’s idea of identity being a composition of multiple affiliations: nationality, language, religion, profession, neighborhood, social commitments, and other connections. I see myself belonging to a lot of groups by virtue of my (More)
Indian Bankruptcy Reforms Under COVID-19: A Reform for the Privileged?
Aggrieved with the present pandemic crisis, the Finance Ministry, as a part of the Prime Minister’s Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan (Self-Sufficient India Mission), announced several measures to assist the ease of doing business through increasing the mi (More)
COVID-19: Force Majeure Under CISG
COVID-19 has affected the world tremendously. Countries have closed borders and halted international travel, cross- border trade is strained. COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains; many goods are no longer in demand, while others are in high demand. T (More)
States Should Not Adopt a Speech Code for Lawyers
Attorneys litigate on both sides of some of the most contentious issues in the country: affirmative action, rent control, abortion rights, gun rights, you name it. Sometimes the positions attorneys take may be seen as offensive, as those positions ma (More)
Perjury by Prosecution Witnesses
For more than 20 years, a key prosecution witness in Maryland criminal proceedings named Joseph Kopera, a firearms expert for the state crime lab, routinely and blatantly lied about his resume, background, qualifications, and other matters. Recently, (More)
A Perfect Impeachment of Presidential Crime: Emmitt Till Justice or Nuremberg Justice?
Between elections, the fallacy that one can not criminally prosecute a sitting President leads us to a situation where the only recognized path to address alleged Presidential criminality during their term is impeachment. The prognosticators now t (More)
The Fifth Vote for Non-Delegation
The coming invigoration of the non-delegation doctrine, long-declared dead, is now nearly certain. In a recent statement, Justice Kavanaugh signaled his interest in revisiting the long-dormant doctrine in a future case. But, while Justice Kavanaugh’s (More)
About Extensions for Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff
The last few days have been very tense. Everyone had the same question on their mind: will the Supreme Court of Pakistan allow General Qamar Javed Bajwa to remain as the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) as the expiry of his term and his retirement loomed e (More)
Disciplining Federal Judges and the Public’s Right to Know
The most recent disciplinary order issued against a federal judge vividly demonstrates a major shortcoming of the federal judicial disciplinary system—transparency. In September, the Judicial Council of the Tenth Circuit publicly reprimanded Kansa (More)
The E-Cig Emergency
Over the past several years, the use of e-cigarettes has increased greatly. While the original demographic for e-cigarettes was intended to be legal adults who already smoked traditional cigarettes, these numbers seem to be higher amongst a younger p (More)