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The Exhaustive Consequences of Kirtsaeng
JURIST Guest Columnist John Rothchild of Wayne State University Law School says the Supreme Court's decision in Kirtsaeng could impact the scope of the patent exhaustion doctrine as well as seller-imposed limitations on ownership of purchased copyrig (More)
Constitutionalism in Hungary: Undermining the Fundamental Law
JURIST Guest Columnist Gabor Halmai of Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest says that the Fourth Amendment to the Fundamental Law of Hungary undermines several constitutional rights and implicates the entire scheme of constitutional (More)
J'Accuse Twitter
JURIST Guest Columnist Karl M. Manheim of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles says Twitter should comply with French law, but only within that jurisdiction.... (More)
Stop and Frisk: Necessary Practice or Discriminatory Tactic?
JURIST Guest Columnists Randolph M. McLaughlin (pictured) and Jonathan A. Jarrell of Pace Law School say stop-and-frisk tactics contribute to a distrust of police and a lack of cooperation in criminal investigations... (More)
'Significant Guidance' on Student Athletes with Disabilities
JURIST Guest Columnist Perry A. Zirkel of Lehigh University says the US Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights' latest "Dear Colleague" letter, like its predecessor concerning bullying, serves primarily as a public reminder and reinforcemen (More)
Rape, Political Transparency and the Rule of Law
JURIST Guest Columnist Michelle Madden Dempsey of Villanova University School of Law says the chronic failure of police to investigate and prosecute sexual offenses signals a massive failure of public safety, and the chronic failure of police to docu (More)
Challenges to Michigan's Right-to-Work Laws
JURIST Guest Columnist Theodore J. St. Antoine of the University of Michigan Law School says that although Michigan's right-to-work laws raise several constitutional issues and were adopted under unusual circumstances, the courts will likely uphold t (More)
Marriage, Direct Democracy and the Supreme Court
JURIST Guest Columnist Douglas NeJaime of Loyola Law School says that recent voter approval of state referenda legalizing same-sex marriage makes it difficult for opponents to use democratic principles to argue against judicial action on the issue... (More)
Courageous Jurist Under Fire in Guatemala
JURIST Guest Columnist Lauren Carasik of Western New England University School of Law says that, as chief justice of the Criminal Chamber of Guatemala's Supreme Court, Cesar Barrientos has played a critical role in rebuilding the nation's democratic (More)
Judicial Humility and Affirmative Action
JURIST Guest Columnist Eric Segall of Georgia State University College of Law says that with respect to affirmative action, the US Supreme Court should not substitute their own judgments of educational policy, diversity and fairness for those of acad (More)