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Former communist leader convicted of Hungarian revolution war crimes dies at 94
Bela Biszku, a high-ranking Communist official convicted of war crimes committed during the aftermath of the Hungarian revolution , died on Thursday at the age of 94. When Soviet forces shut down the Hungarian uprising in 1956, more than 224 civili (More)
Hungary court orders retrial of communist-era war crimes convict
A Hungarian appeals court on Monday ordered the retrial of Bela Biszku , a high-ranking leader of the Hungarian Communist Party, who was convicted for war crimes following the 1956 uprising . The intermediate court found that the verdict rendered at (More)
Hungary charges former Communist leader with war crimes
A Budapest prosecutor on Wednesday charged Bela Biszku, former leader of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (MSZMP) , with war crimes. The charges stem from when Biszku was a member of the party's Temporary Executive Committee after the failed r (More)
Hungary charges 90-year-old former communist minister with war crimes
The Budapest Chief Prosecutor on Monday announced charges against a near-91-year-old former communist interior minister for war crimes in connection with the killing of more than 50 civilians demonstrating against the Hungarian regime in 1956. Tibo (More)