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New Orleans judge suspends trial of 98 indigents as DA fights release of 20
A New Orleans court suspended the criminal trials of 98 indigent defendants Monday, 20 of whom were released from prison. Judge Arthur Hunter of the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court told the defendants that while the charges are not being dr (More)
New Orleans judge suspends prosecutions of 42 unrepresented criminal defendants
Judge Arthur Hunter of the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court Wednesday suspended the prosecutions of 42 New Orleans indigent criminal defendants who had not been provided adequate legal counsel and ordered 16 of them released without bail. Hu (More)
New Orleans judge issues delayed order to release indigent defendants
Judge Arthur Hunter of the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court issued a delayed order for the release and suspension of prosecution for as many as 42 criminal defendants Friday in light of the fact that the city's public defender's offi (More)
New Orleans judge releases four inmates stuck in Katrina trial backlog
New Orleans Parish Criminal District Court Judge Arthur Hunter on Friday released four inmates from jail who he claims were being held in violation of their constitutional right to adequate legal representation after the Hurricane Katrina disaster (More)
New Orleans judge delays prisoner release reviews
New Orleans Parish criminal court Judge Arthur Hunter Thursday deferred a threatened review of prisoner records in anticipation of release which he earlier said he would begin on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina Tuesday. Instead, H (More)
New Orleans judge to start review of prisoner releases one year after Katrina
New Orleans Judge Arthur Hunter is slated to start reviewing the records of New Orleans prisoners in view of their possible release on Tuesday, the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina , which devastated the city and its court system last yea (More)
New Orleans judge will start releasing prisoners if trials put off much longer
A frustrated New Orleans Parish criminal court judge said Friday in an emergency order that he will start releasing prisoners on August 29 if their cases do not go to trial by then. Judge Arthur Hunter asked, "If we are still part of the Unite (More)
New Orleans criminal court reopens nine months after Katrina
The Orleans Parish Criminal District Court building in New Orleans officially reopens Thursday morning, and the first criminal trials since Hurricane Katrina struck at the end of August are scheduled to start on Monday. According to Chief Judge Ca (More)
New Orleans judge says criminal trials to resume next week
Orleans Parish Criminal District Court Chief Judge Calvin Johnson has said that the city will resume holding criminal trials next week as the New Orleans court system continues to recover from Hurricane Katrina . As many as 6,000 suspects have bee (More)
Louisiana AG to investigate indigent defense system after Katrina
Louisiana Attorney General Charles C. Foti, Jr. has launched a probe into the state's indigent defense system in response to funding and availability problems for public defenders, especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina , which has sh (More)