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Safe Spaces and First Amendment Rights: Do Safe Spaces Belong on College Campuses?
JURIST Guest Columnist Fuad Rafidi of Valparaiso University School of Law, Class of 2018, discusses safe spaces on college campuses... Do safe places belong on college campuses? On November 22, 2016, Yue Zhang wrote a critical piece about colleges no (More)
Legal Double Standards: HRW and Amnesty on Settlements
JURIST Guest Columnist Anne Herzberg of NGO Monitor reviews the recent article, "Unsettled: A Global Study of Settlements in Occupied Territory"...Article 49(6) of the Fourth Geneva Convention is the most cited legal provision invoked by non-governme (More)
Referendum in Republika Srpska Held Despite the Decision of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina
JURIST Guest Columnist Fahira Brodlija of University of Pittsburgh School of Law, LLM Class of 2017, discusses the recent referendum and court decisions regarding Republic Srpska... The specific constitutional framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) (More)
Australia Spends Billions Causing Untold Damage to Refugees
JURIST Guest Columnists Greg Barns of RMIT University Graduate School of Business and Law and Anna Talbot of Australian Lawyers Alliance discuss the need for improved policies regarding refugees in Australia... On Tuesday Australia&# (More)
A Federal Expungement Law Should Be a Priority in Any Future Criminal Justice Reform Effort
JURIST Guest Columnist Nicholas M. Wooldridge of LV Criminal Defense discusses the need for federal expungement legislation... This article is currently under review (More)
Indigenous Legal Orders as a Challenge to the Mainstream International Environmental Law Regime
JURIST Guest Columnist Mahmudul Hasan of University of Development Alternative discusses how international environmental law can be influenced by indigenous orders...In the realm of international environmental law, we have seen how various concepti (More)
Hate Crime Laws to Protect Police are Misguided
JURIST Guest Columnist Kami N. Chavis of Wake Forest University School of Law discusses the recent proposals to add police officers to hate crime statutes... In May, the state of Louisiana enacted a law that would make it hate crime to target police (More)
"Blue Lives Matter" Has No Place in Hate Crime Laws
JURIST Guest Columnist Jessica Henry of Montclair State University discusses the recent additions to Louisiana's hate crime legislation...Last month, Louisiana passed a "Blue Lives Matter" amendment to its hate crime statute. Under the newly-amended (More)
Louisiana's Designation of Anti-Police Bias as a Hate Crime Category
JURIST Guest Columnist James B. Jacobs of New York University School of Law discusses the recent changes to hate crimes in Louisiana... Federal and state hate crime laws enhance criminal punishment for offenders motivated by certain widely condemned (More)
The Right to Choose: Trial by Jury, or Judge
JURIST Guest Columnist Tim Lynch of The Cato Institute discusses the right of defendants to choose between a trial by jury or trial by judge...Trial by jury is one of the most celebrated rights in the American Constitution, but what if the accused pe (More)