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Supreme Court grants certiorari to Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, Alien Tort Statute, impeachment trials cases
The US Supreme Court on Thursday released orders from Wednesday's conference, in which the court granted certiorari to five cases. Two cases were consolidated, to allow for four hours total of oral arguments.In Republic of Hungary v. Simon, forme (More)
Colorado governor orders investigation into police killing of Elijah McClain
Colorado Governor Jared Polis issued an executive order on Thursday directing Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser to investigate individuals involved with the death of Elijah McClain in Aurora, Colorado.The incident between McClain and officers (More)
From Occupation to Subjugation: Israel’s Plan to Annex the West Bank
Israel has occupied territories belonging to Palestine since 1967, namely the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip. Over the last century to the present date, Israel continues to exert more control, stripping Palestine of any possi (More)
An International Humanitarian Law Perspective on Cyber Attacks Against Nuclear Facilities
In September of 2019, Kudankulum Nuclear Power Plant's (KNPP) administrative networks were found to be infected with malware, namely a program called DTrack. The National Power Corporation of India (NPCIL), which manages the plant, stated that the in (More)
The Future of Identity: Conversations with a Legal Technology Entrepreneur
This article is adapted from "Our Future: Looking Beyond with Michael Sikand", a podcast for young leaders that explores the key questions driving the future of business, technology, and policy.In “Episode 1: The Future of I.D.”, Susan Dworak, Fo (More)
Federal judge refuses to suspend temporary ban on green cards due to COVID-19
A judge for the US District Court for the District of Oregon denied a request Wednesday for a temporary restraining order against a 60-day ban on green cards for most immigrants issued by the Trump administration on April 22. President Donald Trump c (More)
A Target Beyond Range
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world with unprecedented consequences. People all around the globe are suffering, and yet at the same time are battling against it with equanimity. All professions are playing the role of a servitor to help the (More)
Supreme Court requests briefs on political question doctrine for Trump's tax cases
The US Supreme Court on Monday requested briefings from attorneys working two separate cases regarding efforts to secure President Donald Trump's tax records. The court asked for briefings explaining whether the cases raise the political question doc (More)
Supreme Court rules for 'middle ground' interpretation of Clean Water Act permit standard
The US Supreme Court ruled Thursday in County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund that a permit is required from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) whenever there is a direct discharge from a point source into navigable waters or when there is the (More)
The Killing of General Soleimani – A Blatant Violation of International Laws
The United States of America rejoiced over the assassination of the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani while the Iranians mourned him as a national hero. The President of The United States has repeatedly shown pride in the United State's murder of the G (More)
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