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The Life of a Disabled Bar Examinee
Editor's Note: This article has been updated at the author's request to reflect that the University of Miami School of Law Dean referenced is Dean Janet Stearns and that other students have come forward with similar experiences with her. I woke up o (More)
The Political Attorney General
JURIST Guest Columnist Christopher N. Lasch of the University of Denver discusses Attorney General Sessions' position on sanctuary cities ... As JURIST previously reported, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has threatened to cut Department of Justice fu (More)
Lemon’s Latest Victim: Felix Shows Why Lemon Must Go
JURIST Guest Columnist Roger Byron, Esq. Senior Counsel for First Liberty Institute discusses how Felix v. City of Bloomfield illustrates inherent flaws in the Lemon v. Kurtzman Establishment Clause test ...The late Justice Antonin (More)