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How the DC Circuit Mangled Mandamus in the Flynn Case
Wednesday's decision by the D.C. Circuit granting General Mike Flynn's petition for mandamus is a dangerous precedent. In directing US District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan to grant DOJ's motion to dismiss the false statement charges against Flynn, the (More)
Flynn Argument in D.C. Circuit: Is the Ball Back in Judge Sullivan's Court?
The D.C. Circuit held oral argument on Friday on General Mike Flynn's mandamus to Judge Emmet Sullivan to grant the Department of Justice (DOJ) Motion to Dismiss false statement charges against Flynn (see my preview, discussed here). A majority of th (More)
Mandamus and the Proper Role of Amicus Curiae in the Michael Flynn Case
On Monday, Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia filed his response to the petition for mandamus brought by General Michael Flynn in the D.C. Circuit regarding Sullivan's handling of the Justice Department (D (More)