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US reverses policy on Israel settlements in West Bank region
US Secretary of State Mike Pomepo announced at a press conference on Monday that the US will reverse its long-standing stance on Israeli settlements in the West Bank region, no longer holding that the settlements violate international law.The Wes (More)
DOD asks court to dismiss Guantanamo funding information request
The US Department of Defense (DOD) on Friday asked the federal courts to dismiss a case brought by the Miami Herald demanding to know how much money the government spent to build a prison facility at Guantanamo. The news service requested this fi (More)
Hawaii same-sex couple sues for right to marry
A lesbian couple filed suit Wednesday in the US District Court for the District of Hawaii challenging the state's denial of same-sex marriage . Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie (D) signed a same-sex civil unions bill into law in February. The l (More)
Transgender Inmates: The Law of Effective Medical Care
John Knight, Senior Staff Attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, says that the Seventh Circuit's recent decision affirming the need for hormone therapy for transgender inmates offers a new level of protection against political bi (More)
Pakistan ex-PM blocked from leading protest march against emergency rule
Pakistani riot police blocked former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto from leading a planned 160-mile march from Lahore to Islamabad Tuesday protesting President Pervez Musharraf's imposition of emergency rule [PDF text; JURIST news arch (More)