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Supreme Court holds tribe's hunting rights per treaty still valid
The US Supreme Court held Monday in Herrera v. Wyoming that hunting rights provided to a western American Indian tribe, the Crow Tribe, via federal treaty did not expire when Wyoming became a state. It also determined that the term "unoccupied" in th (More)
Supreme Court rules trademark rights may survive bankruptcy rejection
The US Supreme Court ruled Monday that if a trademark license would survive a breach outside bankruptcy, it may survive a debtor's rejection in bankruptcy. The case, Mission Product Holdings, Inc. v. Tempnology, LLC, came about after Tempnology f (More)
Supreme Court issues orders in federal torts and state court jurisdiction cases
The US Supreme Court issued orders Monday in a collection of cases including Daniel v. US, Santos v. US, and Nevada Department of Wildlife v. Smith. The Court granted certiorari to Nevada Department of Wildlife v. Smith, a case asking whether stat (More)
Missouri lawmakers pass bill banning abortions at eight weeks
The Missouri House on Friday passed a bill banning abortion at eight weeks gestation with an exception only for medical emergencies. HB 126, referred to as "Missouri Stands with the Unborn," declares that Missouri is a "'sanctuary of life" that pr (More)
Trump pardons ex-business partner and former media mogul Conrad Black
US President Donald Trump on Wednesday granted a full pardon to Conrad Black, a disgraced media mogul who recently wrote a wrote a book about Trump's triumphs. Black was convicted in 2007 on fraud charges, including alleged embezzlement, and obstr (More)
Supreme Court holds state sovereign immunity recognized by Constitution, overturning precedent
The US Supreme Court held for individual state sovereign immunity on Monday in Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt, overturning precedent that currently allows one state to be sued in the courts of another. The case of Nevada v. Hall former (More)
Supreme Court rules on False Claims Act statute of limitations
The US Supreme Court ruled Monday that suits brought under the False Claims Act by private individuals in which the US did not intervene were subject to a different statute of limitations than cases where the US brought or intervened in the suit. (More)
Supreme Court rules iPhone users may sue Apple for possible antitrust violations
The US Supreme Court on Monday affirmed a Ninth Circuit decision allowing a lawsuit against Apple for alleged anti-competitive practices to proceed. In 2011 a group of iPhone owners sued Apple, claiming that company's App Store violated antitrust (More)
Federal court denies Republicans' motion to stay gerrymander ruling
A three-judge panel of two US District judges and one Sixth Circuit judge on Thursday denied a motion from Ohio GOP lawmakers and the governor to stay a judgment requiring the state to redraw its congressional map in time for the 2020 election pendin (More)
Federal court throws out gerrymandered Ohio congressional map
A federal court ruled Friday that Ohio's congressional map was an unconstitutional gerrymander. The court ordered new maps to be drawn by June 14 so that they can be approved and used in the 2020 election. A three-judge panel for the US District (More)
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