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US Legal News Round Up for Saturday, 18 November 2017
Here's the domestic legal news we covered this week: A US District judge declared a mistrial in New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez's federal corruption trial on Thursday after questioning the 12 jurors. The US District Court for the Northern District (More)
North Dakota Senate rejects bill to update state laws to reflect same-sex marriage
Tthe North Dakota Senate on Tuesday rejected a bill to update the definition of marriage and recognize same-sex marital relationships. The bill woud have updated the language in several state laws to change "husband and wife" to "two individuals ma (More)
Abolition or Reform of Electoral College Unlikely
JURIST Guest Columnist William G. Ross of Samford University's Cumberland School of Law discusses reform of the electoral college system...Hillary Rodham Clinton's victory over Donald J. Trump in the popular vote this presidential election has revive (More)
ICC dismisses case against Kenya deputy president
The International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday threw out charges against Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto . Ruto and Joshua Sang were accused of supporting murderous inter-ethnic violence in Kenya after the 2007 election, leading to more th (More)
Former South Carolina police officer indicted for murder of unarmed black man
A former police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, was indicted by a grand jury on Monday on murder charges brought after the April incident in which the officer shot an unarmed black man, Walter Scott, who was running away from him. The c (More)
Alice's Inventive Concept
JURIST Guest Columnist Christian Ehret of the Webb Law Firm discusses patent law in reference to Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International...Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International 
 is the last of several patent law cases decided by the (More)
State Courts Stepping Up on Cell Phone Privacy
JURIST Guest Columnist Hanni Fakhoury of Electronic Frontier Foundation discusses state courts and cell phone privacy... (More)
Antitrust Analysis for Online Search Engines
JURIST Guest Columnist Shanshan Liu, American University Washington College of Law Class of 2015 explores the legal analysis surrounding current antitrust litigation in regards to online search engines and monopolization...The field of antitrust liti (More)
France high court blocks extradition of Rwandan genocide suspect
The French Court of Cassation on Thursday blocked plans to extradite three men to stand trial in Rwanda for alleged crimes committed during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide . The court overturned a November decision by the Court of Appeal of Paris to al (More)
Legal and Sensible: Kansas' Dual Voter Registration System
JURIST Guest Columnist Robert Popper of Judicial Watch defends the recent changes to Kansas' voter registration process... (More)