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Europe rights chief denounces Belgium prison conditions
The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights , Nils Muiznieks, criticized prisons in Belgium Friday for their "rapidly deteriorat living conditions. This statement, posted to Facebook , comes during a three-week strike by prison workers throu (More)
Japan court rejects suit seeking to enjoin restart of nuclear reactors
The Fukuoka High Court on Wednesday rejected an appeal filed by citizens of Japan seeking to stop the operation of the only two remaining nuclear reactors in the country. The suit was originally raised by 12 residents in the Kagoshima District Cou (More)
Rights group urges EU to take new approach to refugee crisis
Amnesty International (AI) released a report Tuesday detailing problems with how the EU is approaching the refugee crisis and recommending changes to ensure international law is followed and human rights are appropriately valued. AI is calling "fo (More)
Germany announces border controls to manage influx of migrants
Germany announced, on Sunday, that it is invoking temporary border controls at the nation's southern border with Austria, after thousands of immigrants entered the country in recent days. Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière announced at a new conf (More)
EU Court of Justice rules travel time amounts to working time
The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled Wednesday that time spent traveling to and from first and last appointments by workers without a fixed office should be regarded as working time. The ruling addressed a legal dispute brought by wor (More)
HRW: China restricts travel for religious minorities
China has significantly restricted the freedom of movement for Tibetans and other minorities said Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Monday. Referencing a report released by HRW last week, the rights group stated that China's two-tiered passport issuing (More)
Thailand court sentences 'Yellow Shirt' members for 2008 protest
The Bangkok Criminal Court on Thursday convicted two members of the People's Alliance for Democracy Network , known as "Yellow Shirts," for their roles in breaking into the Prime Minster's office during the 2008 protests. The court found Yellow Shir (More)
Will the Last UK Resident Be Released from Guantanamo Next Month?
JURIST guest columnist Peter Jan Honigsberg from the University of San Francisco School of Law discusses possible release of detainees from Guantanamo Bay...On April 24, JURIST reported that Shaker Aamer, a citizen of Saudi Arabia (SA) and a British (More)
Security Screening: Science or Sorcery?
JURIST Guest Columnist Tung Yin, of Lewis and Clark Law School, discusses the effectiveness of TSA screening policies and how those policies affect our privacy rights...In the fall of 2001, I went on the market to become a law professor, and I was f (More)
Nuclear talks with Iran intensify close to preliminary deadline
Nuclear talks continued Sunday in Lausanne, Switzerland, two days before a self-imposed deadline for a preliminary deal set by the six world powers involved in the negotiations with Iran. US Secretary of State John Kerry and French and German forei (More)