Katherine GemmingenKatherine Gemmingen says that throughout her time at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, JURIST was undoubtedly the best part of her experience. “It was such a unique privilege to work with a team of incredible law students across the world. After serving various roles in multiple services across JURIST, I can truly say that JURIST’s team is filled with some of the brightest, most intelligent, and hardest workers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I am so grateful to JURIST for allowing me to serve as Commentary Co-Manager Editor and then Co-Deputy Executive Editor, and I will cherish my time with JURIST as I move into the next stage of my career.”

Akshita TiwaryAkshita Tiwary is an incoming LLM student at the Graduate Institute, Geneva. She graduated from Government Law College, Mumbai in 2023, and has interned with the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute and with the Chief Justice at the Supreme Court of India. Akshita is passionate about building a career in international law and human rights.

At JURIST, she was one of the very first international law students that joined the organisation in June 2020. During her three-year tenure, she has served as the JURIST India Chief of Staff, the Commentary Co-Managing Editor and the Deputy Executive Editor.

JURIST is honored to acknowledge past recipients of the Jeannie Shawl Award.

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