Maldives government to impose entry ban on Israel passports

The Maldivian government has decided to ban all Israeli passports, according to a statement released by the President’s official press office. President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu decided to change the laws within the country due to the increasing public outrage over the attacks by Israeli forces on Gaza. Muizzu stated on May 28 on X (formerly Twitter) that he strongly condemns the “deadly attacks by Israeli forces on the tent camp in Rafah” while calling for an immediate ceasefire to ensure humanitarian access and to end the violence.

Muizzu’s office shared the news on Sunday through the Maldivian Minister of Homeland Security and Technology stating that the cabinet recommended the ban on Israeli passports. In addition, he stated that the decision includes the amendment of all necessary laws to prevent Israeli passport holders from entering the country, as well as “establishing a Cabinet subcommittee to oversee these efforts.”

The cabinet will be composed of the Minister of Homeland Security and Technology, the Islamic Minister, the Attorney General, the Minister of Economic Development and Trade, the Minister of Tourism, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, according to local news outlet SunOnline.

The cabinet made inquiries regarding areas in Palestine that require support from the Maldives as well as the decision to hold nationwide rallies under the slogan “Maldivians in solidarity with Palestine” (Original version “Faladheenaa Eku Dhiveheen”). The Maldivian government has also expressed its intention to collaborate with other Muslim nations to bring forward a solution to the conflict in Palestine.

The law is expected to enter into force “as soon as possible”, according to Home Minister Ali Ihusan. The parliamentary assembly of the Maldives, which took office last week, has its second sitting on the issue on Monday. The current political party in power, which holds a supermajority in parliament, the People’s National Congress (PNC) is to vote on the issue and ensure that the laws are amended for the ban on the Israeli passport to become effective.

Future decisions for the Maldives regarding the conflict between Palestine and Israel will be made by the special cabinet, which will monitor the situation while a fundraising campaign set up by the president is in place to “assist our brothers and sisters in Palestine”, Muizzu’s office reports.