Ukraine: Russian attacks on Orthodox Easter Sunday kill one woman and injure 24 others News
Lystopad, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Ukraine: Russian attacks on Orthodox Easter Sunday kill one woman and injure 24 others

At least one person has been killed and 24 others reportedly injured as a result of Russian attacks during the Orthodox Easter Sunday festivities in Kharkiv, a city in the northeast of Ukraine, and surrounding areas, regional officials reported. The attacks caused buildings to collapse and trapped several civilians under debris.

Many districts in the surrounding area, including Shevchenkivskyi and Kyivskyi, as well as approximately 15 settlements in the Kharkiv region, were subject to shelling and attacks. The shelling caused extensive damage to various buildings, including apartment blocks, residential buildings, garages, cafes, and medical facilities. Three private homes were destroyed. As a result of these attacks, 24 people were injured and an elderly woman died under the rubble. The number of victims is not yet final.

The attacks were reportedly carried out using guided bombs, one of the most common weapons used by Russian military forces in the shelling of the northwestern region of Ukraine during the full-scale invasion.

Ukraine’s Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko also said on Sunday that the large-scale attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure by Russia have resulted in significant losses of over a billion dollars, and the damage is expected to continue to grow. These attacks occur daily using a variety of methods such as drones, ballistic missiles, and artillery. Some regions, such as Kharkiv, are experiencing power cuts due to daily shelling, although efforts are being made to stabilize the situation.

In total, 113 settlements in 10 regions of Ukraine were attacked on throughout Sunday night into the day, and 110 infrastructure facilities were hit.