Poland synagogue attacked by Molotov cocktails amid surge in antisemitism News
Lepocheux, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Poland synagogue attacked by Molotov cocktails amid surge in antisemitism

Warsaw’s main synagogue, Nożyk Synagogue, was attacked Wednesday with three firebombs, also known as Molotov cocktails, local media reported. A 16-year-old suspect was arrested Thursday morning in connection with the attack.

The attack on Nożyk Synagogue happened early Wednesday morning, at around 1 A.M. Michael Schudrich, Poland’s American-born Chief Rabbi, reported minimal damage and no injuries. The Nożyk synagogue is the only synagogue in the central European country’s capital to have survived the Holocaust. Annually, it is visited by thousands of Jews touring Poland.

In the days following the incident, several political leaders, including Polish President Andrzej Duda, have made public statements condemning the attack. The ambassadors of the U.S. and Israel (Mark Brzezinski and Yacov Livne, respectively), gathered at the site together with Jewish leaders and Polish government officials in a show of solidarity with Poland’s Jewish community.

“I condemn in solidarity the shameful attack on the Nożyk Synagogue in Warsaw,” Ambassador Brzezinski shared on X (formerly Twitter). “There is no place for anti-Semitism and hatred, neither in Poland nor anywhere else in the world.”

Echoing Brzezinski’s words, Israeli Ambassador Livne and the Israeli embassy released a statement to X, saying,“Outrageous Antisemitic attacks such as this can not be tolerated today. The perpetrators must be found and punished.” Continuing on, Livne wrote that he visited the synagogue, supported the Polish Jewish community and thanked Polish authorities for condemning the attack.

The attack on the Nożyk synagogue is the latest in a series of attacks against Jewish targets, which have risen globally since the start of the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza in October. The escalation in hostilities in the Middle East has led to a surge in both anti-semitic and anti-Muslim crimes and hate speech around the world, with places of worship and worshippers frequently being subject to hate crimes and discrimination.