North Korea accuses US and South Korea of border reconnaissance and threatens response News
North Korea accuses US and South Korea of border reconnaissance and threatens response

North Korea’s defense ministry accused the US and South Korea on Saturday of intensifying border reconnaissance activities and threatened military action, according to state media Voice of Korea and Korean Central News Agency.

In a press statement, Kim Kang Il, vice president of North Korea’s defense ministry, protested against “hostile air espionage” by the US. He claimed that the US and the air force of South Korea were “seriously encroaching upon the sovereignty” of North Korea.

Apart from aerial espionage and military drills, Kim Kang Il also said the South Korean government scattered leaflets by use of balloons in the border region. He deemed such activities as an intrusion across the border and a “dangerous provocation.” He warned that there would be a “dangerous consequence,” and that North Korea would take “necessary military measure to defend [its] sovereignty and security.” The army of North Korea has been instructed to take offensive action in case of any actions by the US or South Korea that are deemed provacative.

The press statement comes amidst growing tension between North Korea and South Korea. In November 2023, North Korea launched surveillance satellites at the border, breaching UN Security Council Resolution 1695. Shortly thereafter, South Korea suspended a 2018 military agreement and announced renewed reconnaissance and surveillance activities against North Korea. Earlier this year, leader Kim Jong Un announced that North Korea would no longer pursue reconciliation with South Korea, calling South Korea a “number-one hostile state.”

While North Korea has not taken military actions against South Korea, Kim Kang Il stated that the state would pursue “tit-for-tat action” against the scattering of leaflets at the border by disposing of “wastepaper and filth” over the border areas and within the territory of South Korea.