Japan warns southern residents to take cover over threat of North Korean missile News
cegoh / Pixabay
Japan warns southern residents to take cover over threat of North Korean missile

The Japanese prime minister’s office issued an emergency warning through its J-Alert nationwide warning system on Monday, urging residents in southern Japan to take cover indoors or in a sheltered area due to the possible threat of a North Korean ballistic missile. Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Yoshimasa Hayashi said that the missile disappeared from radar in the evening afterward.

The Japanese prime minister’s office then made a further announcement less than 20 minutes later, stating that North Korea seemed to have launched a missile. The announcement urged Japanese residents to take cover underground or inside a building. In addition, the office wrote that if North Korea fired further munitions, the Japanese government would analyze information and provide the Japanese public with accurate and timely information, ensure that aircraft and ships are safe and prepare for unforeseen situations.

Hayashi said that the Japanese government was collating information on the situation in North Korea and would convene an emergency team for consultation. Hayashi said that Japan promptly communicated with its public before the country confirmed that there was no possibility of the missile falling into Japanese territory and canceled the call for evacuation through its J-Alert system. Hayashi also said that the repeated missile launches by North Korea threaten the peace and security of Japan and the international community.

This comes as North Korea notified Japan earlier in the day that it planned to launch a “satellite”. In response to North Korea informing Japan that it would launch a satellite, the Japanese prime minister’s office wrote that Japan would:

  1. Act in close coordination amongst relevant ministries to dedicate maximum effort to gather and analyze information, and duly provide information to the public [; and]
  2. Strongly urge North Korea to abandon the said launch, acting in coordination with the United States, the Republic of Korea [] and other relevant countries [; and]
  3. Take all possible measures for precaution, including readiness for contingencies.”

Japan’s prime minister’s office furthered that this comes amidst a range of provocations by North Korea against Japan.