Hundreds protest in Germany against Tesla factory enlargement News
Hundreds protest in Germany against Tesla factory enlargement

About eight hundred people protested Friday against Tesla’s enlargement plans in Grünheide, Germany. The protest was organized by Disrupt Tesla, an anti-capitalist group that objects to all individual means of transportation.

After issuing a statement, Disrupt Tesla said the company is responsible for worldwide environmental destruction and expulsion. According to the statement, around two hundred protesters blocked Neuhardenberg airfield for several hours, which is now being used by Tesla. Moreover, the protesters sprayed red paint on the Tesla cars which were being transported by trucks, writing “Blood on your hands, blood on your cars”.

The group states other events like this took place in Germany around the same time, as a sign of solidarity. Furthermore, the protest also aimed at refusing a “customized” development plan for Tesla, which could destroy around 50 hectares of forest. If the development plan is to be rejected by the community meeting, the local government of Brandenburg could cancel that rejection via a special vote. The plan was welcomed by the parliamentary State Secretary of the federal Ministry of Economy in April.

Finally, the group said their protest isn’t only against Tesla, but rather opposing the whole auto system:

Instead of expensive cars for a few, we need buses and trains for many. We will further fight for a social shift in the transportation and resource system, and a good life for all people.

Following the incident, Elon Musk posted a tweet questioning, “Why do the police let the left-wing protestors off so easily?”

The Gigafactory located in Berlin-Brandenburg is the company’s first and most advanced plant in Europe, and will manufacture hundreds of thousands of Model Y vehicles and millions of battery cells, according to Tesla.