Germany interior ministry reports unprecedented rise in politically motivated crimes News
tvjoern / Pixabay
Germany interior ministry reports unprecedented rise in politically motivated crimes

Politically motivated crimes in Germany were at an all-time high in 2023, the highest since the German government started tracking them in 2001, according to a Tuesday report published by the country’s Federal Ministry of Interior. A total of 60,028 politically motivated crimes were recorded last year.

While the overall number of politically motivated crimes increased by merely 1.89 percent, crimes by right-wing extremists rose by 23 percent compared to 2022. Right-wing extremism represents the largest category of politically motivated crimes, accounting for almost 50 percent of all crimes recorded.

The report also notes a notable spike in hate crimes across various categories: antisemitic hate crimes rose by 96 percent; Islamophobic incidents increased by 140 percent; and attacks based on anti-queer, misogynistic, and racist motives have also increased. Antisemitic crimes have increased drastically since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7.

The Minister of Interior Nancy Faeser warned that German democracy is “under pressure,” highlighting political crimes intended to intimidate and attack political activists and police.

To counteract these developments, the Federal Cabinet adopted a strategy on Tuesday aimed at strengthening democracy and fighting extremism. It also adopted a draft amendment to the Bundesmeldegesetz, or Federal Reporting Act, to prevent the tracing of residential addresses of private individuals to protect those targeted due to their political activism.

So far in 2024, three German politicians and campaign workers have been attacked ahead of elections for the European Parliament.