EU Parliament passes migration and asylum reforms News
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EU Parliament passes migration and asylum reforms

The EU Parliament approved legislation on Wednesday regarding the rights and treatment of migrants and asylum seekers within the bloc. The legislation furthers the Migration and Asylum Pact, which seeks to expand the current rights that these groups have while solidifying the procedure around their treatment across the EU.

The legislation includes a broad range of migrant issues from standards related to the qualification for migrant or refugee status, to screening procedures and how to receive asylum applications. Overall, legislators hope these regulations will make it easier and safer for both migrants and those nations receiving migrants to undergo the migration process. The EU previously agreed to tackle these issues through the pact in December 2023.

Legislators insist that this new legislation is only the first step toward further defining the relationship between EU states and migrants.  Migration issues have become a greater and greater issue in the EU as ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa have forced millions from their homes to try and seek a new life. This massive influx of people has led to a multitude of issues from security risks, to a lack of facilities for migrants, to the risks that migrants put themselves in when trying to cross into Europe. This has led to some European nations to implement divisive laws regarding migrants, such as the UK’s Rwanda Plan and Albania’s recent migrant deal with Italy.

The pact did not pass without its fair share of controversy. Amnesty International said that the pact will have a negative impact on the rights of migrants and asylum seekers, and that the “agreement will set back European asylum law for decades to come. Its likely outcome is a surge in suffering on every step of a person’s journey to seek asylum in the EU.”

The Parliament expects the legislation to take effect within the next two years.