Virginia governor vetoes 30 bills concerning gun regulation News
Glenn Youngkin, PDM-owner, via Wikimedia Commons
Virginia governor vetoes 30 bills concerning gun regulation

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin vetoed 30 pieces of legislation Tuesday related to the state regulation of guns.

Though all related to guns, the vetoed bills ranged in topic, from criminalizing the dealing of guns near primary schools to requiring fingerprinting for a concealed weapons permit. In a press release, Youngkin stated that these laws “would punish law-abiding gun owners, violating their constitutional rights.”

Prior to Tuesday’s veto, it was unclear where Youngkin stood on gun control issues. Youngkin was relatively quiet about gun control during the 2021 election cycle and did not receive an endorsement from the National Rifle Association (NRA) during his campaign. Following the veto, however, the NRA celebrated the actions of Youngkin.

The Executive Director of the NRA made a statement following the veto:

Governor Glenn Youngkin’s courageous veto of dozens of ill-conceived gun control bills is a resounding victory for the Second Amendment in Virginia. His refusal to bow to unconstitutional overreach—stopping widespread bans on semi-automatic firearms, blocking ill-conceived laws like arbitrary waiting periods, and unjust age restrictions—underscores his fierce commitment to safeguarding our fundamental rights. This is a clear message: Virginia stands firm against the erosion of our liberties. NRA members in Virginia and across the country salute Governor Youngkin’s unwavering resolve to defend the rights of all Virginians against these flagrant assaults on our self-defense rights and our ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Others in Virginia, however, had opposite reactions to the news. Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds, who worked on two of the bills vetoed by Youngkin, spoke out against this action on X (formerly Twitter), calling the veto a “[s]hameful and unthinking action.”

Youngkin did not veto every gun regulation he came across, however. In addition to the 30 vetoes, Youngkin signed into law two gun-related bills and moved to amend six others. The two passed bills include House Bill 36/Senate Bill 44, which criminalizes parents allowing their minor children to access firearms if they show threat of violence, and House Bill 22/Senate Bill 210, which prohibits the manufacture or sale of auto-sears, a part commonly found in automatic rifles.