Greece authorities arrest 21 following alleged transphobic attack News
Greece authorities arrest 21 following alleged transphobic attack

Two trans people were attacked by a mob of approximately 150 individuals in the Greek city of Thessaloniki on Saturday, with over 21 being arrested and nine adults charged. The accused adults appeared before a Thessaloniki court Sunday, and 12 minors were released pending trial.

The attack took place as the victims attended the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in Aristotelous Square, leading to the organization holding the event to post a statement on Facebook, which articulated their “anger and repugnance” at the attack. Pavlos Marinakis, a government representative, decried the attack, and proclaimed on X (formerly Twitter), that “batmen and hoodmen have no place in the Republic.”

Following the vicious attack, many in the city met again in Aristotelous Square and held ongoing demonstrations to protest the attacks. Those involved included the president of Syriza, Greece’s main opposition party. However, anti-LGBTQ protestors and other political opponents met them, leading to several skirmishes in the streets. As a result, political party PASOK’s leader Nikos Androulakis also issued a statement condemning both the original and subsequent attacks at the demonstrations.

The Prosecutor of the Greece Supreme Court, Georgia Adeline, issued an order Sunday to the Thessaloniki Prosecutor’s office to investigate the attacks and to arrest those responsible. Thessaloniki Pride released a joint post with other Greek LGBTQ organizations stating that anti-LGBTQ behaviors have increased following hate speech in governments, churches, and other forums.

The attack comes just a few weeks after Greece’s parliament legalized same-sex marriage.