Former Trump aid Peter Navarro set to begin prison sentence after US Supreme Court denies motion to delay News
The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Former Trump aid Peter Navarro set to begin prison sentence after US Supreme Court denies motion to delay

Former trade advisor to former US President Donald Trump Peter Navarro is set to begin his prison sentence Tuesday after Chief Justice John Roberts denied his motion to delay upon appeal Monday.

In response to the denial, Navarro stated:

Justice Roberts took care to note that his reason for denial was “distinct from [my] pending appeal on the merits.” That appeal on the merits will continue and if I fail in that appeal – after nonetheless serving my full prison term — the constitutional separation of powers will be irreparably damaged and the doctrine of executive privilege dating back to George Washington will cease to function as an important safeguard for effective presidential decision-making. There is much at stake here and it is worth the fight. The partisan nature of the imprisoning of a top senior White House aide should chill the bones of every American. In Joe Biden’s weaponized justice system, a Democrat controlled Congress and Justice Department together with an Obama-appointed District Judge and three Obama-appointed Appeals Court judges drove the Navarro railroad right into prison. If anybody thinks these partisans and politicians in robes aren’t coming for Donald Trump, they must think twice now.

In 2022, a grand jury indicted Navarro in connection to the January 6 Capitol Riot and subsequently charged him with contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to the 2020 election. Navarro refused to testify, for which he was subpoenaed in 2022, or produce documents. In January 2024, a federal court in Washington DC sentenced Navarro to four months in prison on two counts of contempt of Congress related to January 6.

Navarro was banking on asserting executive privilege and was seeking to delay his trial until Trump’s election subversion case could be heard. Navarro will be the first senior Trump aid to head to a Federal prison in Florida in connection to January 6.