Thousands protest far-right party in Germany after mass deportation meeting revealed News
Leonhard Lenz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Thousands protest far-right party in Germany after mass deportation meeting revealed

Mass protests took place across 114 cities in Germany on Saturday against the country’s far-right political party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). The demonstrations were in response to the party’s increasing popularity and allegations that party members attended a meeting to discuss mass deportation. According to the activist group Together Against The Right, the weekend demonstrations garnered over 1.5 million attendees across the cities.

The protesters demonstrated with anti-fascist mottos, such as “all together against fascism,” “defend democracy” and “never again is now.” The AfD became the subject of scrutiny after allegations that two of its senior members attended what many have called an “extremist” meeting in Berlin, where attendees discussed mass deportations, including German citizens of foreign origin.

The meeting was revealed in an exposé published by investigative journalism group Correctiv. It outlines that the “secret” meeting took place on November 25, 2023, with attendees from AfD, “followers of the Identitarian movement, and members of nationalist student fraternities.” It further revealed that the meeting was backed by notable and wealthy German investors.

The scandal follows proposals to ban the AfD, as some German politicians consider the party to be a “danger to democracy.” According to reports, German security authorities have classified some AfD branches and associations as “definitely right-wing extremist.” Local media reported demonstrators echoed these calls to ban the AfD over the weekend.

The AfD first entered Germany’s parliament in 2017, placing third in that year’s election. In 2014, the party won its first seats in the European Parliament, garnering around seven percent of the vote.