UK and US announce joint sanctions targeting Hamas and PIJ News
Txllxt TxllxT, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
UK and US announce joint sanctions targeting Hamas and PIJ

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron announced on Tuesday coordinated sanctions with the US to target Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leaders and financial supporters. The goal of the sanctions is to restrict the terror groups’ operational abilities.

The sanctions include travel bans, asset freezes and arms embargoes against four Hamas senior leaders and two Hamas financiers and arms producers. The sanctions also cover individuals outside of Gaza, including Lebanese and Sudanese financiers. In a statement announcing the sanctions, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said, “The sanctions show that the terror group’s leaders cannot escape the consequences of their actions, even if they are pulling the strings from outside of Gaza.”

Cameron told the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office that by working with the US and other allies, the UK hopes to make it harder for Hamas to operate, as they will be more isolated. He also emphasized that the Palestinian people are victims of Hamas, and the UK government will continue to provide aid, advocate for humanitarian pauses and stand in solidarity alongside the sanctions.

The US and UK, as well as France, Germany and Italy have all expressed their continued support for Israel and condemnation of Hamas and the war, while also recognizing Palestinian suffering and calls for peace. International calls for a ceasefire have grown, with Guterres calling for a humanitarian pause to hostilities and Brazil introducing a resolution to the UN Security Council. The US vetoed the resolution.

Commenting on the relationship between the UK and US regarding the conflict, Palestinian ambassador to the UK Hussam Zomlot told the CBS News’ Face the Nation that the US needs to be an “honest mediator” and not to adopt the “Israeli narrative.”  He stated that a November 5 meeting between US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was “tense.” Zomlot also stated that there was no joint statement from the meeting, but there were lots of “good ideas” with too little focus on achieving a ceasefire. Zomlot called the recently agreed to humanitarian pauses irresponsible.

These joint sanctions mark the US’s third round of sanctions to disable Hamas and the PIJ.