Israel communications minister proposes halt to Al Jazeera broadcasting from Israel

Israeli communications minister Shlomo Karhi said Sunday that he will bring a motion to Israel’s cabinet to shut down Al Jazeera’s operations in Israel. A tweet reposted by Minister Karhi details draft regulations outlining its aim of preventing harm by blocking media that promotes propaganda during the war. The proposal is being examined to see if it is within Israel’s emergency law powers.

The draft regulations aim to prohibit news organizations from intentionally undermining national security or being a “basis” for enemy propaganda. The minister would have the power to stop an organization from delivering content and confiscate their equipment if a violation is found.

Although the regulations do not mention Al Jazeera by name, Karhi, in an interview with Israel’s Army Radio, alleged that Al Jazeera is inflammatory, endangers troop security by filming their positions and disseminates statements from Hamas leadership. He added that the matter would be heard before the cabinet.

Al Jazeera has not yet commented on Karhi’s proposal. The regulations would last until Israel’s state of emergency ends.

The conflict in Gaza has been ongoing for ten days, with the death toll standing at at least 2,723 Palestinians, and at least 1,400 people killed in Israel according to the Palestinian health ministry, Palestine Red Crescent Society and Israeli Medical Services.