Hunter Biden sues Rudy Giuliani over hard drive access

Hunter Biden sued Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday, alleging violations of federal and California law.

Biden claims Giuliani acquired Biden’s computer data illegally from John Paul Mac Issac, an owner of a Delaware computer repair shop. Mac Issac allegedly reached out to Giuliani and mailed Giuliani and Attorney Robert J. Costello copies he made of Biden’s hard drive.

Biden’s complaint alleges that Giuliani and Costello accessed Biden’s emails, photographs, bank statements, and other financial documents from the copies of the hard drive.

Most of the evidence against the defendants come from their own statements to the media. Costello boasted about going through Biden’s laptop to New York Magazine. Giuliani bragged that he accessed data from Biden’s laptop on at least three podcasts.

The complaint alleges violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (18 USC 1030) which prohibits “intentionally accessing a computer without authorized access.” Biden also claims violations of California Penal Code §502, which prohibits knowingly accessing another’s information to execute any scheme to “defraud, deceive, or extort.” Finally, Biden’s complaint alleges violations of the California Business & Professionals Code, which prohibits engaging in “unfair competition.” Biden requests a jury trial and seeks both general and punitive damages.

Hunter Biden has been busy in the courts as of late. This month, he sued the IRS for unlawful disclosure of his tax returns and was indicted on federal firearms charges.