Political activist dies under police detention in Argentina News
jorono / Pixabay
Political activist dies under police detention in Argentina

Facundo Molares, an independent photojournalist and committed left-wing activist associated with the now-defunct Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), died Thursday when he suffered a heart attack while in police custody.

The incident occurred during his participation in protests organized by various left-wing factions as a prelude to the national primary elections. Molares’ heart attack transpired as he was being restrained on the ground, a distressing scene captured in video footage that also captures bystanders repeatedly alerting the police about his evident breathing difficulties. The video further documents police officers turning him over and administering CPR before he was transported to a hospital, where he ultimately succumbed.

In response, protesters have labeled Molares’ passing as a “state-sanctioned assassination.” This event follows closely on the heels of the tragic death of an 11-year-old girl just the previous day due to a snatch-and-grab robbery in Buenos Aires, an incident that prompted all political parties to cancel their campaign rallies. Consequently, people from political, social, and union associations came together in Buenos Aires to protest and seek justice regarding the demise of Facundo Molares. Notably, the mayor of Buenos Aires and a presidential candidate, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, supported the police’s actions and commended their adept handling of the situation.