Former Hong Kong legislators charged with separatism under National Security Law News
Voice of America, Cantonese Service, Iris Tong, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Former Hong Kong legislators charged with separatism under National Security Law

Hong Kong authorities on Monday brought charges under its 2020 National Security Law against eight activists, accusing them of advocating separation from China. Former Hong Kong legislators Dennis Kwok and Ted Hui are among those sought by authorities.

Police released brief summaries of the allegations against each activist. Hui is under investigation due to his activity on social media platforms, where authorities say he advocated for the separation of Taiwan and Hong Kong from mainland China. Kwok wrote a report published outside of Hong Kong that allegedly called for sanctions against the Hong Kong government. 

Hong Kong national security official Steve Li said the individuals in question are considered suspects due to their endorsement of sanctions targeting Hong Kong officials, judges, and prosecutors.

The eight individuals charged are currently not residing within the jurisdiction of Hong Kong. Nonetheless, Hong Kong authorities pointed out that the National Security Law can be applied to offenses committed outside of Hong Kong by a permanent resident or committed against Hong Kong by someone who is not a permanent resident.

In their official appeal, the law enforcement authorities emphasized that providing any form of assistance to the suspects, including the transmission of information via the internet, would be seen as complicity and a violation of Hong Kong law.

Hong Kong’s 2020 National Security Law, which was enacted in response to Hong Kong’s 2019-2020 anti-extradition bill protests, remains in effect.

According to the Hong Kong government, approximately 260 individuals have been subjected to detention under the provisions of the National Security Law. Among them, 79 individuals have been convicted and are currently serving prison sentences.