Associated Press: Kenya police ordered not to report deaths during protests

A Kenyan police official told the Associated Press on Thursday that police received a warning against reporting deaths that have occurred as a result of this week’s opposition protests over the country’s high cost of living. Although it was unclear who issued the direct order, it came after opposition leader Raila Odinga called for three days of protests.

The protests come as a result of the increased cost of living under the government of Kenyan President William Ruto. Since his election last year, Kenya has witnessed tax increases and a rise in petrol prices. Raila continues to accuse President Ruto of deceiving Kenyans and failing to fulfill his promises to the Nation.

While the protests were supposed to be peaceful, they became violent, and Kenyan police have been accused of using excessive force and dubious methods in response. The Associated Press reported that 6 people were killed this week and 27 others in the last weeks.  Additionally, the Media Council of Kenya decried a police decision to have an officer pose as a journalist in a riot because it could compromise the safety of journalists while on duty.

Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki said that 312 people were arrested during Wednesday’s protests, including a Member of Parliament who was not named.