Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan calls for nationwide protests following arrest News
Voice of America, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan calls for nationwide protests following arrest

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan called for nationwide protests Sunday. In an online live stream, Khan urged his supporters to take to the streets and villages to fight for freedom in Pakistan.

Despite the nationwide violence that occurred in the midst of Khan’s arrest, following his release, the PTI leader used his platform to encourage his supporters to hold more protests. During his live stream he told his followers that freedom does not come easily. Instead, Khan encouraged his supporters to fight for it.

Khan’s call for protests comes shortly after his arrest for corruption charges on Friday. The chairman of political party Tehreek-e-insaf (PTI) was subsequently released on bail following orders from Pakistan’s Supreme Court, who declared his detention unlawful. The arrest sparked demonstrations by Khan’s supporters, who responded with destructive mass protests across the country. Protestors set fire to government buildings, blocked roads, damaged public property and raided the residence of a commander in the Pakistan Army. Pakistan authorities deployed military troops to deal with the demonstrations, which led to the use of force against protesters.

Multiple arrest warrants and criminal charges have been brought against Imran Khan since he was removed from his position as prime minister by Parliament in April 2022. Khan faced allegations of mismanaging the economy and Pakistan’s foreign policy. Despite this, Khan has also announced his return to campaigning on Wednesday for immediate elections.