Rights groups report Iran executed over 500 people in 2022 News
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Rights groups report Iran executed over 500 people in 2022

Human rights groups Iran Human Rights (IHR) and Together Against the Death Penalty (ECPM) Thursday released a report showing a dramatic increase in the total number of executions in Iran for 2022. The report claims that 582 people were executed in Iran—the highest number of executions since 2015.

The report highlights how the number of executions only includes those of prisoners condemned to the death penalty and that the total number of government killings could be higher. The report condemned the killings, stating, “The situation in [Iran] thus remains worrying, with the death penalty once again being used as a final tool of intimidation and oppression by the Iranian regime in order to maintain the stability of its power.” The report also highlighted how many of those executed belonged to ethnic minority groups in Iran.

Of the executions, the report claims over 80 percent were not announced by the authorities, about 50 percent were related to murder convictions, and another 40 percent were related to drug convictions. Of the executions officially reported, three were reportedly juvenile offenders, 16 were women, and 15 were protestors. The report also highlighted the mass arrests and executions of protestors who participated in the massive uprisings against the 2022 killing of Mahsa Amini. The report claims that over 500 people have been killed in connection to the protests, with many more at risk of execution for their involvement.

The report also focused on how the total amount of executions in 2022 increased by 75 percent from 2021. The dramatic increase could be largely attributed to the rise in arrests and persecution of those convicted of drug charges.

The report concluded by listing various recommendations which should be taken into account by international authorities to ensure that executions in Iran cease. Among them were urges to prioritize Iran’s human rights record and policies during international negotiations and encourage Iran to ratify the International Convention Against Torture.