Biden administration proposes climate regulations to lower US vehicle emissions News
Shaun_F / Pixabay
Biden administration proposes climate regulations to lower US vehicle emissions

The Biden administration Wednesday unveiled two initiatives aimed at decreasing passenger and heavy duty vehicle emissions.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed rule making details two initiatives to target greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, applying to model years 2027 to 2032. Those affected by the rule include vehicle manufacturers and vehicle importers. The White House identified its goals with these regulations as protecting public health, lowering consumer costs with the reduction of fuel required in vehicles, and making America a leader in converting to alternative fuel vehicles. Burning fossil fuels like oil emits carbon dioxide (CO2), which causes the planet to warm over time.

The EPA estimates that the proposed rule would avoid ten billion tons of CO2 emissions, almost double the country’s total emissions last year, over the next 30 years. The EPA estimates if the proposed rule is finalized, 67 percent of sedans, crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks could be electric.

Stressing American innovation, the Biden administration said of the proposed rules:

The United States can seize this moment to secure American leadership in the global race to a clean transportation future, or let competitors like China out-compete us for the jobs and investments building that future.

Public comments on the rule can be made during a virtual hearing on May 9 and 10. Those interested to voice their opinions should sign up to testify or submit written comments.

The announcement comes shortly after environmental groups sued the EPA, alleging the agency’s water pollution guidelines for industrial facilities are not stringent enough.