Transportation workers unions initiate massive protests in Greece News
MichaelGaida / Pixabay
Transportation workers unions initiate massive protests in Greece

Large scale violent protests have erupted in Greece Thursday following a strike called by transportation workers unions. The strike was called in response to a rail disaster which occurred in February.

According to Greek state news agency EPT, the previously peaceful protests descended into violence around 3 pm on Thursday afternoon when protesters allegedly began throwing Molotov cocktails and gasoline bombs at government buildings and chanting “this crime will not be forgotten”. Greek riot police were called in and responded to the protests by unleashing tear gas and sound grenades to stop protesters from destroying government property.

The protests are occurring in multiple cities throughout Greece including the capital, Athens. Protesters are demanding increased safety measures for transportation workers, who face great risk operating Greece’s largely antiquated transportation systems.

The protests have been supported by transportation workers unions in response to a railway disaster last month which left 57 people dead and many more injured. Popi Tsapanidou, spokeswoman for the workers rights party called Syriza, claimed in a report given to Greek state television that “this government has had four years to fix problems with the rail network, but instead of owning up to that responsibility, they are blaming everyone else.”

The protests have caused massive disruptions to transportation throughout Greece, with trains, boats, and planes all grounded.