North Carolina lawmakers override governor veto on gun rights bill News
Chanilim714, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
North Carolina lawmakers override governor veto on gun rights bill

North Carolina lawmakers Wednesday overrode Governor Roy Cooper’s veto on a bill that would allow residents to buy a handgun without a permit.

Under the bill, residents no longer need a permit from the sheriff’s office which would eliminate background checks for those purchasing a gun. However, if a resident chooses to purchase a gun from a gun store or a dealer that the federal government licenses, they will still need a permit for concealed carry and will also receive a national background check. The bill also allows people to carry guns on “certain school properties” that serve as a place where people attend religious services as well as school.

In a 71-46 vote, the House enacted the bill, while the Senate overrode the veto in a party-line vote on Tuesday. Cooper vetoed the bill last Friday stating, “Eliminating strong background checks will allow more domestic abusers and other dangerous people to own handguns and reduces law enforcement’s ability to stop them from committing violent crimes.”

Cooper in a tweet stated, “Without any debate allowed by GOP leadership because the arguments were too compelling for them to hear, the House voted to override my veto and eliminate strong background checks for handguns in NC. Allowing known domestic abusers and mentally ill people to buy handguns puts communities at risk.”

In a joint statement by Senators Danny Earl Britt, Jr., Warren Daniel,  Jim Perry and Bobby Hanig, the senators stated:

After years of Gov. Roy Cooper obstructing our Constitutional rights, today marks a long overdue victory for law-abiding gun owners in our state. By successfully overriding Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto, we have guaranteed and secured Second Amendment rights for North Carolinians, and set forth a path to overcoming any future impediments from the lame-duck governor.