Nashville police continue to investigate deadly school shooting

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) Monday issued a statement announcing the continuation of its investigation into the deadly school shooting at the Covenant School, a Presbyterian private school.

Over 14 minutes, the assailant killed six people, including three children, before being fatally shot by MNPD officers. At a Tuesday afternoon press conference, law enforcement officials gave an update to the media.

Director of the MNPD’s Media Relations office Don Aaron dispelled a rumor that the shooter targeted the individuals killed in the shooting. Aaron told the press the MNPD has evidence that the school itself was the target of the shooter’s violence, not any one individual. MNPD Chief of Police John Drake gave the media an update on the progress of the investigation. Video footage captured before the press conference began shows Drake fighting back tears.

According to Drake, 28 year-old shooter Audrey Hale owned seven firearms, three of which she used in the shooting. All were purchased legally. The MNPD has interviewed Hale’s parents and learned they had no knowledge of Hale’s weaponry. Hale’s parents believed the shooter “should not have owned guns” due to an unspecified mental disorder. Hale’s parents remained unaware of the weaponry Hale had been hiding in the house. A search warrant executed at Hale’s home resulted in the seizure of a sawed-off shotgun, a second shotgun and other evidence.

According to Drake, Hale’s manifesto included a map of the school with potential entry points marked. Hale attended the Covenant School as a child. However, Drake added that the motive of the shooter remains unknown, and the MNPD is working with the FBI in the investigation.