Former Pakistan PM appears at court amid clashes between police and his supporters News
Former Pakistan PM appears at court amid clashes between police and his supporters

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan Saturday appeared in court in Islamabad after failing to do so two weeks prior. Many of Khan’s supporters surrounded his vehicle as he tried to enter court, leading to clashes with police in the capital.

Khan was found guilty by the Election Commission of Pakistan of illegally retaining and selling state gifts from foreign dignitaries in October 2022. Following charges from the Pakistani Federal Agency regarding the crimes, Khan failed to attend a court hearing and an arrest warrant was subsequently issued, but unsuccessfully executed March 5. A further failed arrest attempt occurred Tuesday at Khan’s Lahore residence, at which violence broke out as Khan’s supporters stopped police from entering the home.

Addressing his followers on social media Saturday, Khan announced he would be attending the court hearing as he “believe[s] in the rule of law.” The court granted Khan protection against arrest on the assurance that he attended the hearing to face his charges.

Several interactions between police and Khan’s supporters occurred during the hearing. In Islamabad, supporters allegedly attacked police, and tear gas was reportedly used by both side. Meanwhile, after Khan left his premises in Lahore to attend court, police entered his home and also arrested several supporters for alleged attacks against police during Tuesday’s arrest attempt.

Current Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif commented on the ongoings regarding Khan, stating on social media that Khan has demonstrated “his fascist & militant tendencies.” He went on to comment that Khan “has taken a leaf out of the RSS book.”