Ohio police release bodycam footage of NewsNation reporter’s arrest News
diegoparra / Pixabay
Ohio police release bodycam footage of NewsNation reporter’s arrest

The Ohio State Highway Patrol Thursday released bodycam footage of NewsNation reporter Evan Lambert’s arrest while covering Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s Wednesday press conference on the East Palestine train derailment. The footage, nine minutes in length, depicts the entirety of the confrontation between law enforcement officials and Lambert, as well as a conversation held after the arrest between a NewsNation photographer and the Columbiana County Sheriff Brian McLaughlin. Governor DeWine criticized the arrest, telling NewsNation in an interview that Lambert had “a right” to be reporting.

The video begins with law enforcement officials confronting Lambert, complaining that his live television shot was interrupting the Governor’s press conference. At one point, Ohio’s commander of the National Guard, Maj. Gen. John C. Harris, Jr., becomes involved in a physical altercation with Lambert. Lambert can be heard saying “do not touch me” repeatedly. Law enforcement officials request Lambert leave the premises, and that he will face arrest if he does not. After Lambert does not comply, law enforcement officials escort him out. The officers escorting Lambert out tackle him to the ground and place him under arrest. In a February 9 press release, the Chief of Police of East Palestine, Ohio defended the officers’ decisions, claiming that Lambert attempted to “pull away” from the officers escorting him out.

After a short time jump, NewsNation photographer Preston Swigart attempts to explain to Colombiana County Sheriff Brian McLaughlin the necessity of Lambert’s timing and positioning for the television shot. McLaughlin cuts Swigart off, stating that it is Lambert’s “own fault he was arrested.”

Lambert’s arrest comes amidst national attention on East Palestine, Ohio following the derailment of a train carrying noxious chemicals. In an attempt to control the damage from the accident, a controlled burn of the chemicals was undertaken, causing a massive black smoke plume over the Ohio town that has dominated social media. The residents of East Palestine and surrounding areas have recently been told it is safe to return to their homes.