Amazon completes $3.9B acquisition of healthcare provider News
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Amazon completes $3.9B acquisition of healthcare provider

Amazon and 1Life Healthcare, Inc. (One Medical) Wednesday announced Amazon’s completed $3.9 billion acquisition of One Medical. Amazon announced its intended acquisition of the membership-based healthcare provider in July 2022.

Senior Vice President of Amazon Health Services Neil Lindsay stated that the acquisition will allow Amazon to further its “mission to make it dramatically easier for people to find, choose, afford, and engage with the services, products, and professionals they need to get and stay healthy[.]” President and CEO of Amazon President and CEO Andy Jassy stated that Amazon’s “mission [is] to make it dramatically easier for customers to get what they need to stay healthy.”

However, there may be ramifications for both One Medical customers’ health data privacy and the accessibility of healthcare. Although the FTC declined to challenge the acquisition, spokesperson Douglas Farrar said the FTC will continue to investigate any potential harm to competition the merger may cause, as well as potential consumer harm resulting from Amazon’s control and use of One Medical’s sensitive consumer health data.

In a July 2022 letter to the FTC, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) noted that Amazon already possesses a plethora of consumer data and argued that “this acquisition would provide Amazon with access to enormous tranches of patient data. While HIPAA and other privacy laws exist to thwart the worst potential abuses, loopholes exist in every legal framework.” Amazon’s completed acquisition announcement failed to offer reassurance regarding its possession of sensitive health information.